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Youri's music is like an ocean of orchestral sounds pulling out all our emotions and feelings, making us feel so special... His music can be described as New Age Contemporary Instrumental, European romantic melodies, Tangos, Bard Music (Vocal Plus Guitar).
Youri went to State University of Music, RostovDon, Russia for 5 years for Composing and Singing. He also enjoyed Contrabass playing in his spare time. Paul Mauriat Orchestra, Gil Ventura, The Shadows, Beach Boys, Beattles, Rolling Stones.. were his Inspirational Muses.
A few years later he released a highly successful collection of Russian songs opening the door to his future artist career. His musician and singer versatile talents and hot looking appearance got noticed by Slava Zaitzev Fashion Theatre and Moscow Film, Moscow, Russia. He became a top model of the fashion theatre, also started his acting career at the Moscow film. But the music was( and is) the love of his life, he could not stop composing.
Youri moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1990 where he released his instrumental music albums "From Russia With ..." and "Tango Of Love".
Also Hollywood North gave him an opportunity to continue with his acting career: "Fantastic Four", "2012", "Watchmen", "Mission: Impossible - Ghost", "Autumn Frost" ... In 2011 Youri Obryvchenko released updated version of Russian Songs (Bard Music) Collection - Album "The Window".
Youri currently resides in Vancouver, working on his new album of romantic melodies. Enjoy his music!

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